A Day at the Beach (Invite Only)

An island off the Vytal continent. This little land belongs to the kingdom of Vale and holds its own school for young children to grow up and become skilled warriors.
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Re: A Day at the Beach (Invite Only)

Post by Eclipse » Wed Apr 08, 2015

Eclipse was literally too busy shivering to actually have the motor control to extract himself from the now freezing water. Feeling his knees lock, Eclipse simply blinks a couple times before his right eye begins twitching. As the twitch grows, his pupils shrink, and change color. He stopped shivering and turned to face Tak. With very stiff movements, Eclipse began to make his way over to him, face totally blank, and right eye still twitching. Once he got closer, the twitch vanishes and his pupils return to normal. "M- my Inn- inn- inner self - ha- hates me..." He whispers, because the water right near Tak was the coldest.
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Re: A Day at the Beach (Invite Only)



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Re: A Day at the Beach (Invite Only)

Post by Takneil Valoren » Tue Apr 14, 2015

smiling as he hovered in the air with his mechanical wings extended out far each crimson segment gleaming in the sun, simple revenge was always bland and spiteful filled with boring events such as apologies or a brawl but thinking of altering atoms to super cool the water? that was definitely not simple therefore not spiteful or boring. noticing the silver like sparkling in the air the boy grits his teeth as he swiftly wraps his wings around him, already feeling Gure's wind begin to push against him Takneil lets out a long breath as he activates his semblance.

golden wisps of energy flickered to life as they started to overlay his body in a veil of energy, letting his usual sly smirk take form Takneil chuckled as his body began to fail to remain solid and became energy itself floating in the air. his body now transparent almost hologram like the boy extends out his wings slowly making his way to the shore, Gure's wind was powerful and he could still feel it but it was flowing through his atoms which normally would scatter but his aura keeps them from separating.

"blow all you want little wolf but this house isn't crumbling down" he states. his voice static like almost as if coming from a radio. looking to Azrael, Takneil chuckles. "actually Az, that was hilarious...but you can chalk it up to payback so there won't be hard feelings" he says as he lets his gaseous form slip back into solidity landing in the soft sand. "also I'm a bat...I don't do sun too often" he states. Takneil was honest about that part, he tended to burn easy but he could stay out in the sun almost an entire day then the next he would be out for not even ten minutes and immediately feel like he were in an oven...he would keep from the later.

his voice now fully returned to normal the faunus smirks as he turns to face Eclipse. "If you hate the water so much then why are still wading out there?" he calls out to his friend.
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Re: A Day at the Beach (Invite Only)

Post by GureOkami » Wed Apr 22, 2015

Gure helped everyone out of the water, holding Azrael close to his body so he could warm her. When he looked back at the sea, his eyes almost fell out of his head. The change in atoms had killed tons of fish, and now they floated to the surface. Even some sharks bobbed with the waves, looking like motionless boats. "Well, I think swimming is out of question now..." He went over to his bag and grabbed three towles. As he walked back to the group he dried himself, then wrapped one arond Azrael. The other one he threw to Eclipse. ”Dry off man. You better warm up soon.”
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Re: A Day at the Beach (Invite Only)

Post by Azrael Valentine » Wed Apr 22, 2015

Azrael stuck her tongue out at Takneil before nuzzling up against Gure, loving how warm his bare cheat was. After almost being frozen alive for just playing with the bat faunis it was nice to have him by for comfort. It reminded her of a time before they had been at Beacon, a time before they had been separated. She wanted to tell the story. "Hey guys, we should make a fire. It's starting to get dark, and it would be nice to warm up." She sent a teasing smile towards Takneil, the pushed away from Gure. She went up to the Snack Shack and asked for some wood, which the elderly couple gladly provided. She thanked them and then ran back to her friends, one hand holding the bundle of wood and the other making sure the towel wrapped around her waist didn't fall. "Let's light it up." She said, a cheerful chime in her voice.
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