Happy Valentines day! (Student run Dance)

A not-so-safe place to hangout, grab a drink, have a dance, and listen to the awesome beats by DJ Black Bear.
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Happy Valentines day! (Student run Dance)

Post by Alexander Richardson » Wed Feb 14, 2018

(Ah, my annual dance thread, let's keep it clean, and enjoyable for everyone huh?)

Alex had rented the club once again for the dance. Like past years, this one was picked due to being alcohol free(for the kids). He had tried to put together a committee like last year, but everyone was too busy to help. He had called in the catering, decorated with some help from his friends that he bribed with snacks, and even got the club dj to run the tunes, though as always, and open mic was encouraged in order to allow the students to express themselves to their loved ones.

He had increased security this year in order to help try and prevent some of last years hijinks. Even enlisting some of his company's own security as well, to aid in preventing villiany from entering, unless they behaved themselves. Who was he to stop them from having some honest fun for once. He had dressed in a black suit with white shirt, to change it us a bit from other years, he had his weapons stashed behind the bar in case of trouble, but did encourage a weapons free dress code for the evening.

After setting up a greeter and some soft tunes to begin the night, Alex began to patrol the area, interacting and socializing with his classmates, and making sure plenty of refreshments were coming for the guests. He also wanted to be sure they were enjoying themselves as he awaiting the true party to begin.

(so, it's that time of year again. My job keeps me busy, but new hours may allow more posting from me, to begin the dance, I would like to lay out how I want this thread to run, if I may be allowed. First, please keep it PG, second, no drugs or alcohol allowed by students, we are the good guys remember, also, you are all students, kinda a given. Three, post order, some may get confused with events happening all over the place. Keep post order within your circle of dialog, like we did last year. If something is happening you wanna be a part of, keep your timeline intact, but join albeit, try not to derail the other players. Four, have fun, make friends, find romance, but most importantly, keep it RWBY please, for MOnty at least, and happy Valentines Day)
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Happy Valentines day! (Student run Dance)



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