Lavay's Semblance Explained

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Lavay's Semblance Explained

Post by Jim Lavay » Sat Sep 23, 2017

~~~~~Lavay's Family Semblance~~~~~
Adrenaline Rush!

What is it: For whatever reason a large portion of their families aura is internalized. While this can sometimes lead to cases of having a weaker external barrier it grants them incredible passive physical abilities well beyond the norm such as: Increased strength, faster reflexes, incredible endurance, pain suppression, and even limited regeneration. Aside from the above cost of weaker outer aura's they have all had a notoriously difficult time adapting to using their semblance while maintaining all their faculties.

Jim, in particular, suffered greatly from this for years where the adrenaline like semblance would drive him into a near blind rage. Cassie and Ivory also suffered from this, but both were able to adapt far quicker though it does explain somewhat why the latter of the two is so quick to trigger.

Specialization: Now while they all have those shared physical bolstering traits they each were gifted with a different increased ability.

Cassandra: Became the pinnacle of physical endurance and durability as she is able to take an unparalleled amount of damage. On top of that when struck by a potential life-threatening blow her internal aura expends itself returning her back to fighting condition for a time. Though, the process is incredibly fatiguing and she often loses consciousness once the fight is finished.

Jim: Mastered the raw strength portion of the semblance, and is able to perform feats of unthinkable proportions when pushed enough. Of the three his is far the most straight forward despite it being the hardest to acclimate too.

Ivory: Received incredible reactionary agility and speed. It is to the point for her that things actually start slowing down from her perspective as though under an effect of time dilation, and while the rules of physics still apply for her it gives her just that little extra edge to anticipate, prepare, and counter incoming attacks.

Here is a quick breakdown on how they stack up:

Strength: Jim, Ivory, Cassie
Durability: Cassie, Jim, Ivory
Agility: Ivory, Cassie, Jim

History: It is unknown to the family how far back these shared semblance traits go though there are some things that can be assumed. Such as the massive weight of the legacy armor that Jim used to wear. Which suggests to the fast that this physically enhanced semblance at least predates the great war.

More Recently neither Jim and Cassie's father nor his brother Ivory's father showed quite the physical prowess that their children possess. Though, they were still far more physically inclined then your average person. Also, it should be noted that Ivory's younger brother Argent also does not seem to possess this semblance in any capacity. Actually, The only other confirmed member of the family is their Grandmother who possessed a semblance that was very much along these lines, though she disappeared years ago. Making it difficult to differentiate fact from rumor.

Visual: When they are being physically tested, or their semblance is being actively used their eyes ignite in the color of their semblance. Then based on how much duress they are under flames of the same color will begin pouring upwards out of their eyes increasing in intensity the more they are tested. At the moment Cassandra is the only one who can suppress this visual, so as to not tip her hand. Though, it requires a fair amount of concentration and she often doesn't worry about it.

This is more or less how their semblance appears (minus the crazy demon skin):
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Lavay's Semblance Explained



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