My take on why in V5 they switched back and forth with the fightng and talking

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My take on why in V5 they switched back and forth with the fightng and talking

Post by Draxl » Wed Apr 18, 2018

Hello there, you all know me as Draxl, or atleast some do. So, I won't waste your time with an introduction to this argument and everything, you already know what it's about, or you wouldn't click on this thread (keep an open mind by the way, I don't want to be hit with a storm worse then an anger tantrum from Weiss. Heyo!).

So where do I begin? Well, let's look at the fight/conversation (fightversation? Battlesation? Whatever) from one perspective. First one may have been because they didn't know how to properly implement conversations while they attack and dodge, although that one might be a poor assumption coming from me (I'm not a writer guys, I'm a comedian. Or was it gamer? Painter? Doesn't matter).

The other perspective could be seen as Ruby and Company trying to pause fights and ask questions. Let's remember, they may have seen some of the worse from humanity, but they are still very optimistic and naive. Ruby can't understand why they bring themselves to do such acts of cruelty, and Jaune knows why but doesn't understand how they can do so while smiling.

There's also a third perspective, but it's probably a stretch. You see, they could have been battling the entire time, trough physical and psychological warfare. Remember, despite their strengths, they are still vulnerable to words. But I don't think there is any actual evidence as to this being the case.

Does my reasons sound like a stretch? Yes. Is it wrong trying to defend a show? No. I may be pulling at straws, but I do so with good intentions. I want to look at everything as positive as possible. Besides, not every show is impervious to writing failures. We are only human (or any other form of being I don't discriminate), and we learn from our mistakes and problems, and then turn it around.

It may have had writing for this volume, but we can still hope that the next volume will be better.
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My take on why in V5 they switched back and forth with the fightng and talking



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