Looking for some RP

This section dives into various storyboard plotting and planning of the site and its community. Members are able to post ideas here to find suitable RP partners for their threads.
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Jim Lavay
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Looking for some RP

Post by Jim Lavay » Wed May 09, 2018

Heya friends,

Had to take about a month ish off the site due to some RL stuff. Anyway all is well, and I'm looking to hit the ground running. With that said I'd love to potentially meet some new faces.

If you're interested hit me up!
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Looking for some RP



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Alexander Korasumi
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Re: Looking for some RP

Post by Alexander Korasumi » Mon May 14, 2018

I'd be more than happy to do a post with you. Trying to get back into this myself after a very long miss period.
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