On the Patrol (Full)

A forest full of wonder that is eternally stuck in the season of fall. Many aspiring students are brought here for field trips and to find out more about the world they live in and of those they might call teammates.
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Cassandra Lavay
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On the Patrol (Full)

Post by Cassandra Lavay » Tue May 15, 2018

((Despite the fact that the premise is going on a patrol with a huntress and this is in the Forever Fall forum. This is NOT a combat event. It is just simply a chance to role play with a huntress outside of the school))

After her talk with Professor Reid, Cassandra had made a concerted effort to increase the frequency in which she was taking students out on missions. Now that she had made her aspirations clear and received the advice of someone who had done it before the huntress had a clear plan of what to do. This of course involved going above and beyond the call as well as showing that you can really bring something to the table. Now the woman was of course an accomplished huntress and had been doing this for about 6-7 years now. However, her resume clearly lacked in experience with students and actually teaching them new skills. Of course, not every mission would be the perfect opportunity to build on that second area, but you missed on 100% of the opportunities you don't take.

So, with all of this in mind the red-haired woman now waited at the edge of the autumn forest for her students to arrive via bullhead. A cool breeze occasionally rushed out cutting through the nearly summer weather on this hot day. If it were to keep up she may almost regret not bringing her jacket. Cassandra had decided to forgo wearing her armor. the day was too nice, and this mission wasn't taking them through any Grimm hot spots. Of course, she always believed in always being prepared, but also, she had faith that her sturdy aura. Besides up until the wind started gusting it was far too nice a day to be hiding behind plates of metal.

Of course, such thoughts would quickly fall by the wayside as the students began arriving, and she need to put her serious face on. As the final piece of advice, she had received was the hardest for her to change. This of course was the fact that you are not there to be the student’s friends. She needed to be an authority figure and she needed to represent what being a huntress was all about. It would be the hardest thing for her to acclimate too, but she would try her hardest all the same
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On the Patrol (Full)



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Alexander Korasumi
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Re: On the Patrol (PM to Join 0/3)

Post by Alexander Korasumi » Thu May 17, 2018

Alex sat back with his eyes closed on the bullhead. His incognito set of clothing allowing him to cover his head. While instead of his weapon's inert form he instead had them in glove form. Allowing for the blades to be hidden in his sleeves. Further hiding his face was his visor that was fully displayed numbers and information filtering through. As a pair of headphones sat in his human ears. Allowing him to just relax on the ride. Otherwise the boy was likely to go ask for a super early exit. Seeing as he enjoyed the feeling of free falling even if he hated most of the things that joined him in the sky. Dropping in from 2 miles up wasn't exactly all that time saving. His sleek obsidian bunny ears appearing from well tailored slits in the hood. They seemed to be alert and seeking for sound. His back against the solid wall of the flying ship. His legs straight out and his arms behind his head. The only part of him moving was his right foot moving in time with his music. Though it didn't seem to make any sound even if it should.

By the time the ship began its decent the rabbit faunus moved fluidly to his feet. His hand went up and he signaled the pilot he'd like to leave early. It was bad for bullheads to land anywhere near grimm anyways. The side door opening up just long enough for him to step out. He'd yet to open his eyes as he began his decent. The door sliding back closed with a soft hiss. The feeling of wind rushing past him put a smirk on the boy's face. As his crystalline eyes slowly opened reading through his weapon's statistics. Checking to see if everything was still in top performance. As the ground came upon him his feet began to glow for a second. And as the glow quickly dispersed he shot forward towards a tree. Using the base of it to take most of his momentum and speed. He began to practically walk down the rest of the branches like stairs. Landing soundlessly on the ground. While he was going to be with huntress there was no reason to needlessly attract grimm with to much noise. His hands now sat in his hood pockets his ears shifting for a bit until they found what they were looking for.

He began to walk out of the brush into a clearing turning his visor into inert. When crystal blue edging on the borders with winter white met emerald green that would put the gems to shame. Said emerald shimmered with intent as he gazed at the rest of his current instructor. She was dressed battle casual funnily enough to him. Most of her metal armor missing seeing as he'd had to talk to her before to join the little outing. A soft grin coming to his face as his eye took in her figure closer. She was built for power and speed. A good compliment to his fighting style though he couldn't be sure that was any true tell to her own fighting style. As looks could be deceiving. His own build a show to that as he'd not had as much time to work on his natural speed. He was definitely flexible, but part of the point of his hoodie was to hide most of his build. Glancing to her weapons he nodded before standing straight and professionally and giving a mock salute.

"Alexander Korasumi reporting in, Hope you don't mind the drop. I tend to free fall to get my adrenaline kick started. Helps me keep myself from zoning out"

The rabbit faunus spoke calmly and casually as his hand went back into the hoodie pocket. His posture was pristine and yet relaxed. Allowing enough tension to spring into action, but not so much that it would mess with his body if held to long. Being to coiled up was bad for your movements. Something he'd learned as a idol and luckily assisted in huntsman training. His stature not giving off any air of seriousness. As he rolled his neck and turned to see whom else was arriving. Namely since he hadn't bothered to look at the other people that signed up. His ears still keeping on alert for any potential danger or annoyances.
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Oliver Hughs
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Re: On the Patrol (PM to Join 0/3)

Post by Oliver Hughs » Sat May 19, 2018

When he'd heard that a huntress was going to be taking a small group of students out on a patrol Oli had all but jumped at the opportunity to sign on. He was new at the school, but was not so simple in the mind to not realize that the chance to practically shadow a full fledged huntsman or huntress was just something you didn't pass up. It was even fair to say he'd actually been genuinely excited, uncharacteristically amped up even, that he was one of the lucky few to come along - at least that was until he'd actually sat down on the transport.

A long and protracted yawn escaped Oliver's lips as he sat there in the bullhead, waiting for any sort of note that they'd reached a drop off point. He couldn't quite ever place why but he always seemed to be lulled to sleep when on a bullhead for any extended period of time...relatively speaking. They'd been in flight no more than an hour or so, but it felt like an eternity to him - what, with nothing to actually do but sit and wait. There wasn't anyone else on the airship but a pair of other students with him, the pilot and co-pilot of the 'bird' obviously busy getting them to their destination, and no one seemed too keen on breaking the silence otherwise occupied with headphones or something else. He could work with that though. Outgoingly friendly as he was he didn't need to talk all the time. He could do with some passable silence while in transit. So with that in mind Oliver would slouch down in his seat, wrapping his arms around Fusillade to cradle the weapon as he made to close his eyes and just as his eyelids closed the curtain on his vision...

The sound of the side door opening and the accompanying rush of wind that came with it startled him, enough that his eyes snapped open while his head swiveled towards the side of the aircraft. He noted that the faunus boy was up on his feet, looking down as they hovered - right before he watched him literally jump out while they were still dangerously high in the air for anyone who lacked an unlocked aura. 'Guess he's in a hurry...' he'd think to himself as he could only blink at what had happened, making to jump out after him.

With his weapon still at the low and ready Oliver’s lips were a thin line as he plummeted towards Forever Fall Forest feet first. He lacked any of the distinct grace, agility or flair the boy before him had shown in his decent - watching the huntsman in training descend from the bullhead was akin to watching an anchor drop to the sea floor from the bow of a ship. No finesse, no gliding, no clever abuse of physics - just the unadulterated power of gravity working as it was intended as it pulled the boy back to Remnant.

The whistling howl of the wind and air about him was enough to drown out even the engines of the perfectly good airship he’d just leaped out of, the autumn colored canopy of the forest below him making a stark contrast against the blue of the sky. It made for honestly breathtaking scenery. It was also the only thing he had the time to register before he had to shield his face from the branches and twigs he came crashing through the very treetops he’d been admiring not a few seconds prior.

After failing to stop his descent by landing on what had appeared to be a thick and sturdy branch of a tree, his inertia and weight snapping it like a mere twig, Oliver managed to combat roll to avoid hurting himself as he came into contact with the forest floor. With all the momentum of his fall still with him he’d skid into the small clearing well within vision of both Alexander and Cassandra after coming to his feet. He managed a weak, apologetic grin and wave at the pair. Safe to say, after all of the rustling of leaves and splintering of wood, stealth had not been achieved...

“Uh, I’m Oliver Hughs...I saw him jump out and figured the bullhead wasn’t going to land” he’d say in introduction, verbally following up after faintly hearing Alex introduce himself and...salute of all things. Oliver was desperately hoping he wasn’t expect to be as formal as the bunny-boy. He would certainly respect the huntress, but didn’t like the idea of having to salute and treat the huntress like some sort of military officer - when it got to that point he always felt like it was nothing more than playing to another person’s ego...at least that's what so many of his dad's drunken ramblings would have him believe.
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Mika Mefkāt
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Re: On the Patrol (PM to Join 0/3)

Post by Mika Mefkāt » Tue May 22, 2018

Transit had its advantages... And Mika, sitting alone in the corner of the bullhead, legs and arms both crossed, played them steadily into her mind. A pair of males, that's who she was scheduled to work with, but the Huntress herself had made it at least even on the battlegrounds of gender... She didn't want this getting out of hand with the sexist remarks, after all. She'd seen too much of that in the world from whence she came to assume that these two were going to be anything more than civil.

The bullhead ride annoyed her. The constant turbulence created by the atmosphere's nuances kept her trying to steady herself in her seat, the small five-foot tall Faunus had enough of a hard time just being cradled by her harness enough that she wasn't jostled. After only a few minutes, she seemed to grow in size to fit her harness better, just a few inches- but if the others were paying attention, they might have seen the turquoise glow of her Aura about her hands, or noticed the difference in her size now that she seemed to be a full six feet tall.

While she sat in the ship, Mika had drawn her dagger, the Nxt a Ma'at with its large, elongated pyramid-shaped blade slowly being polished by her dexterous hands, the bronze-colored strange metal and its lovely engravings shone brighter than ever by the time she was finished. But during her care for her weapon, her eyes had continuously been darting about, between the two students whom sat within the ship with her. One of them, the rabbit Faunus, seemed to be overly enthusiastic, he had moved from his seat to speak with the pilot... The other male, though, he simply stayed put, a wise choice, though when the first of the two leapt from the craft, and the other went to follow, Mika herself did the same and stood up. If they weren't going to land, then they weren't going to land... But Mika knew she was going to land just fine.

Confident in her ability, she holstered her weapon again and strode to the edge of the bulkhead, the wind pushing her long, silver hair in a billowing cloak over her shoulders. Her ears were twitching with the rush of the wind, but she held them firm as much as her muscles would allow, and when it was finally her turn, she simply stepped from the ship as though she were walking along a sidewalk; immediately the rush of air left her long coat and her whipping hair in a spasm of loose movement. Together the students plummeted toward Remnant, and each in stride took their landing into their own hands, but Mika, watching the other two only curiously, tucked her arms against her sides and pushed herself to shoot a little further out into the forest than the others. Aiming for a tall tree, she sped up her descent by making her form more aerodynamic, and her eyes narrowed with her task at hand.

The moment she came close enough, she reached down and grasped the corners of her jacket, pulling them outward and allowing it to fill like a sail in the wind, slowing her at least enough that she had time to use her abilities. Tipping slightly forward, she dropped, and suddenly her coat grew in size, billowing outward like a parachute and slowing her descent until she hit the treetop with practiced precision, stepping into the branches, and allowing herself to fall through them carefully but quickly. Her hands grasped branches, swung herself lower, until finally she alighted upon the soft ground of the forest floor, and walked out from between the trees, arms crossed, right up to Cassandra. She flipped her hair over her shoulder to right it and clear it from her face, and glanced with sharp eyes between the other two students again.

"I am here. Let us begin,"
she said simply, her judgemental tone and unpleasant expression radiating from her like her Aura might in other circumstances. She didn't offer her name, nor did she care to remember those of the others, but her eyes were on Cassandra and her ears atop her head tuned for her orders. She seemed to be taking this rather seriously.
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